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Olivedipity was founded due to our love of Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars. On multiple family trips, we came across tasting rooms which offered OO's and BV's in flavors we had never dreamed of.

We have not seen a local company offer such a variety of flavors and we hope that by offering them at reasonable prices, you will come to enjoy these healthy, delicious products as much as we do!

In-Store we offer over 50 flavors of Infused Oils and Balsamics. There is NO Sugar or Preservatives & They are ALL Healthy for YOU!

Let's BRAG ​​

*Local EVOO

*Stuffed Olives

*Spreads & BBQ Sauces

*Local FARMERS Section


*Lotions, Soaps & Beauty Items

*Wood Designed Art

*Loose Leaf Teas

Our balsamic vinegar is sourced from Modena, Italy and receives a 25 star rating. Cooked grape must is aged in wood casks for 12 years, during which time, it is introduced to the “Mother” and is sent into acetic acid magic (rather than alcoholic fermentation which is used to make wine)!

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Aged Balsamic Vinegars

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